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About The Triumphant Church

The Triumphant Church is the coalescence of disciples of Christ who believe that church is only as strong as the framework of the family. We are dedicated to spiritual growth, evangelism, and fellowship through the study of biblical principles. At Triumphant Church, we are taking ministry to another level. We have a foundation of strong biblical and Christ-centered worship which facilitates building families and ultimately God’s kingdom. At all our services, we clarify scripture for added understanding and learn how to practically apply God’s Word in our lives. Whatever your talents and spiritual gifts are, we invite you to connect with a ministry that best meets your personality, and one which will help you continuously grow ever stronger in your faith. At Triumphant Church, we do not worship a distant deity; but rather one God who, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, constantly makes Himself near to all who call upon His name! May you be encouraged and blessed as you discover more about Triumphant Church and the role in which God is calling you to serve in this community, this city, this state, and beyond!

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